The Face Behind the Stories & the Shirts

WELCOME - this is me, Herr (Mr.) Nora: 


We all have a passion. 



my friend Rieke for example. She loves her moves.



Inga, her bestie, couldn't live without her meat and her beer.


I never knew what MY Passion was, so I talked to this guy, he is an expensive couch I mean coach:




...and it led me to the reading of this book:



but no. Really not my cup of tea. I decided to go to Brazil and start selling electric kettles. 


but unfortunately, I didn't sell any. Maybe you can see why. At some point though I started to wonder, what does my kettle actually FEEL like being THE ONLY kettle in brazil...


And that was the start of Joao - the kettle.



You can not imagine in your wildest dreams what him and Fiona the streetcat are going through right now in this very moment. 

Everything else evolved from there.



I'm standing alone in the forest all day long being photographed and the hours tend to get long, so talk to me.

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