Fiona and Joao arriving at the Airport (Pt 2)

The seat belt lights go on. Ready for landing. Fiona sighs. Finally.

The air is SO terribly dry in airplanes.

The little kettle beside her had fallen asleep with his mouth open, and his head almost dropped on her shoulder. But Fiona managed to prevent that, using a fork she had found in her handbag, pinching it between his head and his shoulder so the head would stay upright

.very good.

30 minutes later, they reach the ground. People start trickling out of the airplane. Fiona waits until the worst is over, then gets up gracefully. "Excuse me, sir, would you mind passing me my luggage out of the storage"


: Fiona asks a grey haired man in front of her, ignoring the little kettle who is jumping up and down, screaming: "I can help you, I can help you!!"

"Sure, my lady." The man balances her -heart shaped, don't ask me why- handbag out of the rack.

The kettle stops jumping, disappointed. They move out of the airplane.


..."Seriously!" Fiona is furious -


it seems like her luggage has not arrived. She is talking to a lady behind a counter: "I CAN'T believe this is happening. My hairstraightener was in there. And some other important, very important items."

"I am very sorry, that sometimes happens - please would you mind to fill out that form here....."

The trouble with Fiona is, she would have never, ever came to a place like Buenos Aires. But she had to. She commited a severe crime at home, and JUST managed to get into the plane.

She is a very fine lady, but she also likes a very fine lifestyle. Her antecedents built up a big company, which had just gone bankrupt. It was a phone company. A very antique phone company. Her grandfather believed, that the smartphones were just a trend and that sooner or later the people would get back to the old phones with the turntables, but no. That - as yet- never happend, and now they had severe liquidity problems and the creditors were banging on their doors to get their money back. 

Well. Suddenly, things had to happen quickly and Fiona stuffed all the money that was left inside a suitcase, without thinking too much. Then she jumped into the first cab available to the airport. 

but now, the suitcase was apparently lost. 

So everything for nothing - it seemed, and of course, she was very, very, angry. She starts hissing at the poor lady, jumps up the counter, trying to scratch through her face - since she is a cat - but the lady is protected through a glass window and Fiona manages to control herself.

No point in that.

She takes a deep breath. Head high up she marches through the arrivals hall, aiming for the bathroom, the little kettle running after her, out of breath, pulling his -safely arrived- trolley. (He ALWAYS only travels with trolley. "It's better for the back" he usually explains proudly.)

Eventually she turns around, shouting: "What!!"


At the poor kettle, who only wants to help... 

but let's see what happens in the bathroom.


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