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How to find out if a random person thinks you are attractive

1) ask: "So do you find me attractive?" If the answer is no, the person does not want to strip down his or her soul in front of you but actually finds you attractive. If the answer is "yes", then yes, the random person finds you very attractive.

2) if you dont feel like asking because you have no voice from partying hard the night before, you can just point at yourself und dance sexy. Then observe the reaction.

4) The question is: do you want the random person to find you attractive? It not, but you still want to know, just ask another random person to ask the random person. If the random person says yes, in the future you can wear very ugly big blue overalls around him/her, roll your eyes and have your tongue hanging out.

5) If you WANT the random person to find you attactive, you do it the other way around. Instead of wearing big ugly blue dirty overalls, you wear your underwear and ask the desired object: "can you touch me please." Also, you stop rolling your eyes AND stuck the tongue back in. But careful. Some might feel uncomfortable with that and it will fire back on you and you will be more alone in the end than you've ever been before.

6) jetzt plauder ich mal aus dem Nähkästchen. A while ago I had big trouble making a random person notice that I "wanted to be more than friends" . So what I did was inviting the random person out to do Standup paddling. The random person got it wrong, because we ended up being friends. So it didn't work but it is a way to try it, too.

7) Tell the random person that you have to sit in front of a tree all day long because of an analysis you do about the rotation of falling leaves. Ask: "Would you like to join and meanwhile - maybe- play the flute, yes?" If the answer is yes, the chance is high that in the end you will touch each other awkwardly. Which is AMAZING. 

you see, Herr Nora knows how the rabbit runs. 

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  • Tatiana gord.

    What if you already know youi are beatiful and what you’re really want them to notice is the hole in the wall beside you? Something to think about!!

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