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10 relationship tips by Herr Nora


1) don't apply force.

2) have a common enemy: If there is no 'organic' enemy, take the Finanzamt. (Tax office)

3) don't scream at your partner to "leave the bed!" when you feel a BIT warm under the blanket. 

4) when you two shop groceries and your partner puts the tomatoes first in the bag, try to still find her/him attractive. (It's not all about that.)

5) when he/she had just put the tomatoes first in the bag and the relationship is - one more time - about to end, because you feel nothing when your partner is slowly moving down your underpants with her/his fingertips, watch a political debate and admire your partner for his/her sharp comments ("did that fucker check who paid the underlying study?? Obviously it was the automobile industry!") 

7) don't walk around outside and take weird objects from the floor home. 

8) When your partner says in a very stiff manner: "I feel like visiting the local park." Don't ALWAYS say no. It's about making compromises.

9) When you really feel like learning the drums, consider to get an electric drumset. 

10) It is ok to just grab the shower head when your partner keeps standing with closed eyes under the warm water murmuring the national anthem and you are freezing shivering besides him/her. 

..with that knowledge in mind, a life full of beauty and warmth lies in front of you. 

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  • Juan Perez

    Herr Nora, thank you so much for these life changing and deeply wise advices, I already feel my relationship to Juanita heating up again!

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